Vancouver’s False Creek: Now in glorious 3D!

Strap on your stereopticon, because today I explored a whole other dimension. Wandering along the False Creek sea wall, I used advanced technology to reveal what is normally completely hidden from standard photography. Yes, these photos capture not just height and width, but also depth.


If you have a VR headset, use something like VR Desktop or Big Screen to look at these. If you don’t have a headset, you’ll just have to imagine the third dimension.

A marina on False Creek beside Burrard Street Bridge
Public fish sales wharf near Granville Island


Yachts moored at Granville Island
The iconic Granville Island sign under Granville Street Bridge.


The Bridges Restaurant sign at Granville Island
The fishing boat RELIEF under Granville Street Bridge


An old APC on display outside the Seaforth Armoury

As an added bonus, here are a few photos of Steveston’s Garry Point Park from March 2017.

View of Vancouver Island from Garry Point (March 2017)
Scotch Pond fishing boats at Garry Point, Steveston (March 2017)


A fishing boat and net shed at Scotch Pond, Steveston (March 2017)