Photo of Steve CaversUnder the name Cubey Terra, Steve Cavers lives and works in virtual reality.

In actual reality, Steve Cavers has worked as a software technical writer since 1994 as well as a self-employed content developer for the VR world, Second Life, since 2003. Publications include 10 Cool LEGO Mindstorms Ultimate Builder Projects: Amazing Projects You Can Build In Under An Hour (Syngress) and Raised By Penguins (self-published). Steve has a BA in theatre and English from the University of British Columbia (1998).


Remember when blogging was what all the cool kids did? Starting in 2002, I blogged heavily about life in an cubicle, Second Life, food, and much more.

Virtual Reality

Abbotts Aerodrome in Second LifeSecond Life is a metaverse — a shared, online virtual reality — in which the users create all content. Under the name “Cubey Terra” and “Terra Aeronautics”, I’ve been a leading name in developing virtual aircraft.