Second Life

Snapshot_525Since 2003, under the name Cubey Terra and Terra Aeronautics, I have been happy to be one of the leading creators of content for use in Second Life, the massively shared online virtual world.

See my Second Life Gallery.

My products include:

  • Vehicles (primarily aircraft)
  • Skydiving equipment
  • Modular architectural components
  • Useful gadgets, scripts, and toys

Visit me in-world in Montbard next to the Blake Sea or browse selected products at the Terra Aeronautics shop at the official Second Life Marketplace.

Product User Guides

This is a partial list of user guides. All products include a text-only version of these guides in the package.

Aircraft Textures

stingray_poster_paint_800x526If you’re handy with PhotoShop or another image editor, you can use these texture packages to create a unique look for your Terra vehicle. Where a vehicle doesn’t allow direct texturing (no-mod) the vehicle’s paint script often lets you apply a new texture with a simple chat command. See your vehicle’s documentation.

Note: Most are packaged as .zip files. You’ll have to unpack them before editing.