The Macophiles invade

It happened gradually — slowly enough that most didn’t even take notice. At first, it was a rare occurence. I’d turn around, and one of them was standing there. The enemy. The other. The truth is, they look just like us, so it’s very easy to miss the word “Mac” floating over their heads. We must be wary, because a slow, insidious invasion has begun. Mac users may eventually take over Second Life.

It all started when Linden Lab released the Mac OSX version of Second Life, the horribly addictive metaverse game. One-by-one, normal, healthy Windows users were showing up with “Running On a Mac” floating next to their name above their avatar. Bino, for example. Bino, seemed like such an ordinary guy until he installed SL on his Mac. Now he’s defected to the other side.

It’s all so very unsettling. I suppose I should overcome my prejudice and welcome the Macophiles into our online community, but it’s so difficult. When I chat with one, I can’t help wondering how many mouse buttons they have, and whether their computer is all cutesy with colourful, rounded transparent bits.

And maybe there’s a bit of jealously, too. My computer isn’t fun — it’s grey, stodgy, and crashes daily. Why should these people get the fun computer and get to play in our metaverse too?

Excuse me while I sit in the corner and sulk. I have plenty of time to sulk too, because I’m re-installing Windows today.