And now…

My hours of struggling have paid off. The site is finally ready for my first blog entry.

What to write?


To be frank (“hello Frank”), I’m a little foggy on that. All I know is that I want a place to rant, and a blog (web log) seems like the perfect outlet. It’s fast, convenient, and most of all, it’s likely that no one will ever read this. So I don’t have to worry about offending anyone.


3 Replies to “And now…”

  1. hey steve. it’s pete g. just a quick note to let you know that someone did, in fact, read your first blog entry. the irony, of course, will be if you never read the note that let’s you know that what you thought likely to never be read actually has been

  2. Ha ha! I did actually read your comment!

    Unfortunately, hundreds of blog comments were lost when I had to switch over to a new comments system. Now it looks like nobody commented on anything.

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