Cubical dweller again

I suppose that only a handful of my readers remember the days when this blog was Back in the heyday of personal blogs, I wrote frequently about life at the office, working the cubical farm — you can still read those posts in the archives here. Fewer readers will know that this is how I got the name “Cubey”, which I carried forward as “Cubey Terra” for a decade and a half of building aeronautic fun in the virtual world.

As of last week, I’ve headed back to the cube farm. I’m once again working full-time as a software technical writer. What that means is that Cubey Terra will only be around on weekends, and that new hoverboard will be delayed. 

If any of my Second Life customers need help, please go ahead and message me in-world — I get those as emails, and I’ll try to get back to you as soon as possible. 

So Second Life, I’ll see you next weekend. Real life, I see you all the time, don’t I? Stop being so clingy.

Technical issues with this site

Due to a strange technical problem with my web hosting company, PJMCo, my site has been down for a while. It seems to be back for the moment, but as I change web hosts, there may be another day or so of weirdness. I’m in the process of rebuilding the layout, menus, and images.

Owners of Terra vendors in Second Life, your vendors should be back online and working just fine. Should the vendor backend on this site have issues, the vendors safely go offline. So please leave them in place while I resolve the website side of things.

I didn’t know how much of my life depended on being up and running until it vanished.

More recipes? Seriously?

This blog has evolved from its creation in 2002. What began as a collection of notes and observations about and around cubicle life eventually morphed into commentary about Second Life and my work there. Now it’s faltering a little bit. It may look like I’ve turned it into a repository for my recipes, but let me assure you that I certainly may not actually do that for certain. I’ll have to think about it.

Comment forms fixed

The Macophiles who read this site may have noticed that the comment forms on each blog post returned an error message. This problem is now fixed. The vast hordes of Mac users reading this can now comment as much as they like!


No, really, go ahead.