An observation about Star Wars

So let me get this straight. Darth Vader (Annikin Skywalker) never knew of Luke’s existence because he was kept hidden on Annikin’s home planet of Tattoine with Annikin’s step-brother Owen Lars under the name “Skywalker”. And just a short distance from Luke lived from one of the last living Jedi, Obiwan Kenobi, who cleverly concealed his identity by changing his name to Ben Kenobi.

That’s one of the reasons Star Wars is so awesome: it’s hugely popular despite the fact that most of it doesn’t make a lick of sense.

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  1. Ever open a phone book, and look up your last name? Some are more common than others, I think. The key phrase here is "signal to noise ratio", unless they Empire has better search tech. And I don't think Tatooine publishes a directory. :)

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