Unexplained shadow… a ghost caught on camera?

After hearing sounds coming from an empty room upstairs for a couple of nights running, I decided to set up my night-vision cam in hopes of catching it. Maybe an animal was getting in through the fireplace, I thought. Instead I captured something inexplicable. Keep your eye on the shadows just behind the arm chair. I don’t have any explanation for this.

4 Replies to “Unexplained shadow… a ghost caught on camera?”

  1. Lool my cat make a jump of several meter, he was sleeping near my screen when the ugly face appeared…

    i didn't get scary, but i was rolling on the floor

  2. I did that to a bunch of my friends several years ago. It was very effective, and I laughed myself silly. Tonight, karma asserted itself and I've paid my debt with soiled undies and a skipping heartbeat.

    You'll get yours.

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