Second Lifer blogs anonymously about alleged mesh copyright violations

Update (Jan 14, 2015): The blog I referred to in this post is no longer online.

In a previous post, I observed that there were many professional-quality mesh aircraft in Second Life. While it’s not impossible that Second Life is home to a startling number of extremely talented 3D artists, it seems likely to me that at least some of these aircraft have been obtained from a third party — possibly from one of the many mesh model sharing sites on the web.  I know for a fact that some SL aircraft makers spend weeks painstakingly rendering their favourite aircraft in a 3D modelling tool, so when an aircraft maker releases several extremely detailed, realistic aircraft in rapid succession, I can’t help but wonder if these aren’t original creations.

Today I learned that a Second Life resident has begun to blog anonymously about mesh content that appears to have been copied from other sources. By comparing the wireframe and textures of the Second Life model to third-party, non-SL models, the blogger makes a convincing case.

Link: Second Life Content Theft

Is this a legitimate investigative blog, or is it a competitor with an axe to grind? It’s hard to say definitively. It does, however, highlight how charged the topic has become in a competitive content creation market.