Killing time with “Time Machines”

As I edge my NaNoWriMo word count a little higher every day, I find myself wishing for a time machine, so that I could just pop forward three weeks, nab a copy of my finished work, come back and paste it all into my word processor. Unfortunately, that would of course create a paradox that causes all of space-time to collapse in on itself with a gigantic whooshing sound, followed by a cartoony “pop!” sound. Or at least that’s how I imagine it would sound.

If you’d prefer not to imagine time travel for yourself, I highly recommend a book that I’m exactly halfway through. It’s “Time Machines Repaired While U Wait” by the adept Australian sci-fi author, K A Bedford. This is his fourth and best novel, and I know, because I’ve read them all.

It’s filled with lovely time-machiney goodness, including future doubles, branching time lines, a grisly murder mystery, and coffee. Coffee is featured quite prominently in this book, but for no reason that I can determine so far, except that the author is really keen about his coffee.

So ends my book review. Now, back to reading.