Cubey™ brand aircraft

The addiction continues…

For those blog visitors who play the metaverse game, Second Life, here are a few of my latest vehicles. The last time that I posted “photos” of SL, I was a manufacturer and seller of hover pods. Now I have a thriving aircraft business too.

Cubey Terra, the name of my Second Life avatar, is also the brand name of my vehicles. This is one of the advertisements that you’ll find in various strategic spots in the Second Life metaverse. Most of my planes sell for 500 “Linden dollars” — the game’s currency. At today’s exchange rate, that’s roughly equivalent to $2.00 US per plane.

Biplane cockpit

Same design, different paint

US WWII plane

And finally, I thought I’d include this because it was so surreal:

The avatars of Cubey and Doc with Doc’s giant ant

Er… in case your wondering, Second Life players range in age from 18 to over 60. That’s right, it’s not a kids’ game, and there are no 13-year-olds running around shouting “R33T!! I M TEH R0XX0R!!”. Mind you, I’d probably sell more planes if there were kids in the game.