Citytv — proof that cloning works

With no shortage of self-generated hooplah, fooferah, and hullabaloo, Moses Znaimer’s Citytv assembly line cranked out another clone of Toronto’s trendy local broadcaster. Citytv was all over the Vancouver Sun, in the news on other stations, and even Gordon Campbell himself congratulated Cookie-cuttertv — oops, I mean Citytv — on it’s arrival in Vancouver.

Vancouver Citytv, (formerly CKVU, VU13, UTV, Global, then CKVU again) certainly has undergone a transformation. They took away news anchor Russ Froese’s desk and gave him a pair of hip new glasses. Say, that’ll drag in the viewers, and maybe inspire other forty-somethings to buy glasses too.

Following the Toronto formula, Citytv has big new windows on their building and a Speaker’s Corner video booth on the street. There’s only one unfortunate problem… unlike the Toronto Citytv building, which is smack in the middle of a bustling city, the CKVU building is tucked away at West 2nd and Columbia — basically in the middle of a near-empty warehouse district (but near the Clubhouse). Seriously — this is a wasteland where the foot traffic is almost negligible.

But I’ll stay glued to the television. Maybe someone else will lose their desk and the station will get so hip, they won’t be able to fit through a doorway.