And the winners are…

Canada, 3-2! Wooooooo!

Oh, and we also handed out the trophies at Abbotts Aerodrome for our big Orbiter Design Competition. All of the entries were great, and the judges were faced with some tough decisions. But in the end, we came down to these winning contestants…

  • First place: DLM SSTO220 Argos Orbiter by Darsh Lucero
  • Second place: ffOSS Fast Orbiter by Farrah Foss
  • Third place (tied): Lynx Mk.I by Sunman Loring

    and Gryphon by Tank Kwaszes

Many thanks to all who entered as well as our judges. The winners will be on display through Monday, March 1st at Abbotts Aerodrome.

(Snapshots to follow soon!)