Terra Xplorer User Guide

The Terra Xplorer is a hover platform for exploring the world or just getting around your home region. Because Terra Xplorer is an attachment, you can take it with you through teleport.

Terra Xplorer Poster

Getting Started

The Terra Xplorer comes in two parts that you wear:

  • Terra Xplorer – This is provides the speed boost when you fly.
  • Terra Xplorer HUD – This is your control panel.
Terra Xplorer HUD
Terra Xplorer HUD

How to start using Terra Xplorer:

  • Wear the Terra Xplorer HUD: In Inventory, right-click the Terra Xplorer HUD and choose Wear. The HUD appears on your screen.
  • Wear the Terra Xplorer: In Inventory, right-click the Terra Xplorer and choose Wear. The Terra Xplorer appears underneath your avatar.

Alternative method: If you’re in a place that allows object rez, you can drag these two items to the ground. When they appear, they ask you if you want to attach them.

Choosing the Boost Speed

Terra Xplorer boosts your speed when you fly. To choose a boost level, click the long bar on the Xplorer HUD: left side is zero boost, right side is full boost, and the middle sets varying speeds in between.

Hiding Your Terra Xplorer

In some situations, it’s nice to walk on foot. You can hide your Terra Xplorer by clicking the eye icon on the Xplorer HUD. No need to detach your Xplorer.

Driving Terra Xplorer

Terra XplorerTerra Xplorer has two modes: ground and flight. You control them exactly as you would control your avatar:

  • Up/Down arrows (or W/S) = forward/back
  • Left/Right arrows (or A/D) = turn left/right
  • Page Up/Page Down (or E/C) = up/down in flight mode

While walking or running:
Terra Xplorer moves at regular walking or running pace. There’s no speed boost while walking or running. To toggle Second Life’s “run” mode, press CTRL R.

While flying:
While you’re flying, Terra Xplorer boosts your speed. Use your Terra Xplorer HUD to choose the speed boost level (0 to 100).

Adjusting the Fit of Your Terra Xplorer

Avatars come in all shapes and sizes, from the enormously tall to the absolutely tiny. By default, Terra Xplorer attaches in a spot most likely to work for the average height avatar. If it doesn’t look quite right, you can adjust the position and save.

  1. Wear your Terra Xplorer and HUD.
  2. While standing on the ground, manually adjust the position and rotation of the Terra Xplorer to look just right for your avatar.
  3. Click the “Menu” button on the HUD and choose Save.

The next time you rez the Terra Xplorer, it snaps to your custom location, provided that you’re wearing the Terra Xplorer HUD.

NOTE: If you need to return Terra Xplorer to the default settings, click Menu on the HUD and choose Reset.

Changing the Colour

Terra Xplorer includes a Paint HUD that lets you change the paint colour and the glow colour.

  1. On the Xplorer HUD, click the Menu button and choose Paint. The Xplorer HUD gives you the Paint HUD.
  2. Wear the Paint HUD.
  3. Select a part to colour (the round samples on the right).
  4. Use the palette to apply colours:
  • Choose a hue from the circle.
  • Choose a brightness from the ring.
  • Select a preset colour from the circles under the palette.
  • Save the current colour as a preset by clicking a preset button and holding your mouse button for 3 seconds.

Setting Speed by Keyboard

Terra Xplorer includes four SL “Gestures” that you can activate and use to control the speed boost level. This is useful if you find yourself in a “no-script” area and your HUD is temporarily not working.

These gestures are:

  • Xplorer Boost 0% – [F9]
  • Xplorer Boost 30% – [F10]
  • Xplorer Boost 60% – [F11]
  • Xplorer Boost 100% – [F12]

Activate these gestures once, and you can use your keyboard’s F keys (top row) to control the speed boost.

To activate, right-click each Gesture in your Inventory window and choose Activate.

If you’d rather use different F keys, you can right-click each Gesture and choose Properties. Edit the gestures as needed and Save.

Checking for Product Updates

If Terra Xplorer has been updated since your purchase, you can get the latest version.

  1. On the Xplorer HUD, click the Menu button.
  2. Click Update. If an update is available, it’s delivered automatically.

Q & A

Q: Why is my avatar walking while I’m wearing Terra Xplorer? Why isn’t in the right pose for riding?
A: If you use an animation override (AO), it will interfere with Terra Xplorer’s avatar poses and animations. Turn off or detach your AO while you use Terra Xplorer.

Q: I’m in a “no-script area”. My HUD stopped working and the thrust exhaust is stuck. Why won’t it work?
A: In “no-script” areas, most scripts don’t work. Your Xplorer will continue to provide speed boost and respond to the Gestures, but the HUD and various parts of the Xplorer, such as thrust and hover glow will not work correctly until you leave the “no-script” area.

Q: Why did I get disconnected from SL when I crossed from one region to another?
A: In some places, the SL server doesn’t handle border crossings well. Sometimes the handoff from one to another fails, especially if you cross several borders quickly. If the region you enter doesn’t look like it’s loaded properly. Simply put, if it looks like you’re glitching at borders, slow down.

Q: Since I started using Terra Xplorer to get around, I have way too many friends. What do I do?
A: It’s a terrible burden to be cool. You’ll just have to live with it.