Terra BubbleTargets User Guide

Terra BubbleTargets is a competitive game of skydiving accuracy. Fill the sky with bubble-shaped targets and collect points for freefalling or parachuting through them.

Terra BubbleTargets skydiving game


While freefalling or parachuting, collide with as many targets as possible during your descent. Try to accumulate more points than the other skydivers by getting to the targets first.

How to Play

  1. If the BubbleTarget controller isn’t already on, click the power button.
  2. Click the green START button to begin a game.
  3. Wait while the BubbleTarget controller rezzes data repeaters and the targets. It can take several seconds to complete.
  4. When the BubbleTarget controller tells you to start, ascend to altitude and begin your jump.
  5. Collide with as many targets as you can on the way down. You can only score if:
    a.) Your parachute is open, or
    b.) you are in freefall.
  6. Wait for the game timer to run out, or if the last skydiver has already landed, click the END button. The BubbleTarget controller sorts the scores and declares a winner.

Note: When the game ends, all targets delete themselves.

Playing the BubbleTargets skydiving game
Playing the BubbleTargets skydiving game

Track Your Scores with the BubbleTarget HUD

Click anywhere on the BubbleTarget controller (except the buttons, of course) to get a BubbleTarget HUD attachment.

To wear the BubbleTarget HUD, drag it from your Inventory onto your avatar. Or, attach it to any HUD attachment point.

To get a report, click the HUD. It tells you your most recent score, as well as total scores per region.

Adjusting the Game Options

You can change the game’s options, including the vertical range and horizontal radius of the targets, the number of targets, and the game duration.

Click the blue MENU button to open the configuration menu.

Locking the Control Panel to Group Members Only

During a skydiving event, you might not want just anyone to start and stop games, or to change the configuration. You can lock the panel so that only group members can operate it.

Click the LOCKED/UNLOCKED button to toggle the group lock.

To see which group the game is set to, right-click the game, choose Edit, and look at the first tab in the edit window. Under the owner’s name, it shows “Group”. While the game is locked, only members of that group can operate the game’s controls.

Important Land Usage Notes


Because this game rezzes targets, it will use some of your land’s available prims while the game is active. It rezzes 1 data repeater prim for each 80 meters of range, and each target is 1 prim.

Example: A 25 target game with 1000 meter range will rez 38 prims total.

The BubbleTarget controller is 12 prims.