Freefall anyone?

Where’s their sense of adventure?

Where’s their sense of excitement?

Where’s their company spirit?

Why won’t anyone jump from an airplane with me?

Two weeks ago, I tried to organize a little skydiving trip with my fellow team members in software development. I’ve done it once before (albeit over ten years ago) and it was an amazing thrill. Something I’d definitely want to try again.

But the looks I got when I asked them if they’d like to go… you’d think I was asking them to commit suicide or something. It’s not all that dangerous.

Granted, there are certain risks involved in throwing yourself from a perfectly serviceable airplane. But I, for one, have never met an unsuccessful skydiver.

And now…

My hours of struggling have paid off. The site is finally ready for my first blog entry.

What to write?


To be frank (“hello Frank”), I’m a little foggy on that. All I know is that I want a place to rant, and a blog (web log) seems like the perfect outlet. It’s fast, convenient, and most of all, it’s likely that no one will ever read this. So I don’t have to worry about offending anyone.